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Best Breakfast Sandwich

The Coastal Cafe

Best Breakfast Sandwich
Alexa Cude

Gold Winner The Coastal Cafe

Silver Winner The Canteen

Bronze Winner The Ardmore Tea Room

We added this new category to the roster in 2018, but it’s an old favourite who takes home the honours. After 11 years of serving “breakfast, brunch, whatever” the itty-bitty Coastal Cafe—known for its eternal packedness and incredible, creative brunch dishes—keeps its breakfast sandwiches on the menu, always, for a reason: The people freaking love them. Who’s to say if voters put Mark Giffin’s spot on top for the The Durty Burd (eggs with habanero buffalo chicken, bacon, ranch, havarti and guac) or The McCoastal (a maple sausage, coastal sauce, ketchup, eggs and havarti combo), but we’ll declare it a win-win.

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