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Best of Halifax

Best Book

Gold Winner If I Had An Old House On The East Coast, Kat Frick Miller and Wanda Baxter

Silver Winner The Long Way Home, John Demont

Bronze Winner The Mill, Joan Baxter

The Nimbus publication If I Had An Old House On The East Coast clearly struck a nerve with you—some of whom definitely do have an old house on this here coast. Wanda Baxter’s was built on the south shore in 1783. “It’s as old as Lunenburg,” she says. “It’s really something to have an old house—I’m just totally in love with the whole thing. It’s just hard to get away from ever, thinking of the work that’s gone before.” The book is illustrated by Kat Frick Miller’s gentle, realist paintings, a collaboration that began with the tome’s conception. “I’m just really glad people like it,” says Baxter. “It does seem to be resonating. I think it’s hit a certain nerve. And people really love Kat.”

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