Best Pet Supply Store 2017 | Pet Valu, Halifax | Shopping + Services

Best of Halifax

Best Pet Supply Store

Pet Valu, Halifax

Gold Winner Pet Valu, Spring Garden

Silver Winner PetSmart, Dartmouth Crossing

Bronze Winner Jollytails

Treats healthy and flavourful; organic and tempting. Food of all varieties; for cat, dog and any other creature that can legally be owned. Toys? Chewables. Rawhides. Squeakers and jinglies. Little fake mice and big colourful throwing discs. Balls. Balls. Balls. Clothing comfy, warm, stylish. Boots for little paws. Jackets for shivering little bodies. Soft beds to cuddle up on. Pet Valu has what your pet wants. Is where your pet wants to be. Go to Pet Valu, human person. Bring monies. Buy all these things for pet.

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