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Best Home Decor Store

Attica Furnishings

Gold Winner Attica Furnishings

Silver Winner The Independent Mercantile Co.

Bronze Winner Kept

The relationship between home decor and furniture is the same as between clothing and accessories. “It’s like when you add jewellery to an outfit,” says Attica Furnishings co-founder Suzanne Saul. “Pillows, lamps, rugs—they really make a space shine.” Winning gold in Best Home Decor and Best Furniture Store makes Attica a prodigy, that rare business that’s an unqualified success in both fields. The merchandise on offer at the Robie Street store is chosen with an artist’s eye for style and a careful shopper’s instinct for quality, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, it can probably be ordered. Nothing is impossible for Attica, except choosing a favourite between furniture and home decor. Saul refuses to entertain the idea, but she will say “decor is where the magic happens.”

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