Best Place To Play Pool 2017 | Dooly's, Portland Street | Public Life

Best of Halifax

Best Place To Play Pool

Dooly's, Portland Street

Gold Winner Dooly's, Portland Street

Silver Winner Bearly's House of Blues & Ribs

Bronze Winner Freeman's Little New York, Grafton

After being usurped in 2016, Dooly’s is back on top as the Best Place To Play Pool in HRM. Specifically, it’s the Portland Street location that strikes gold this year. While Dooly’s is a chain—there are five of ’em in town—it’s a business born in the Maritimes with a comfy and relaxed vibe voters seem to love. Bearly’s is coming in hot at the silver spot, while the Freeman’s Grafton Street location takes bronze (because, let’s face it, pizza and pool sounds swell).

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