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Best of Halifax

Best Effort To Improve Halifax

Gold Winner Bike lanes

Silver Winner Argyle streetscape project

Bronze Winner Waterfront construction

Hey, Halifax, can we talk for a minute? Just over here, around the corner. Um, so this category was about the best effort to improve the city. I don’t know if maybe you didn’t read that clearly enough, or thought the phrasing was some kind of double positive making a negative? I mean, bike lanes winning gold again is fine. Obviously you’re into bike lanes. Even the Argyle streetscape project—while inopportune and widely lambasted—is going to look nice whenever it’s done. But waterfront construction? Not waterfront improvements or Queen’s Marque, literally the construction itself is so impressive you voted it third? Is everything OK?

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The MacKay Bridge and Barrington Street are taking loooong construction vacations this summer, making driving to and through the city harder. Will your commute be OK?