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Best Record Label

Gold Winner Sonic Entertainment Group

Silver Winner GroundSwell Music

Bronze Winner Halflife Records

Sonics’ Mike Greatorex is having a good-news/bad-news week. The good news: Matt Mays’ long-awaited new record, Once Upon a Hell of a Time, is finally out in the world. And Hey Rosetta! has announced an indefinite hiatus, “the only bittersweet thing about this year,” he says. Other celebrations include Adam Baldwin’s debut LP, No Telling When, and two top 10s for The Motorleague. “It’s a long-term commitment,” he says of the label-artist relationship, guessing he’s heard Mays’ record “1,500 times now. So I should be sick of it, but I’m not.” More good news: Haligonians love what Sonic is putting down. “Thank you,” says Greatorex, “to all The Coast readers.”

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