Best Specialty Coffee 2017 | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Specialty Coffee

Gold Winner Two If By Sea Cafe

Silver Winner Java Blend Coffee Roasters

Bronze Winner Humani-T Cafe, downtown

You can’t have good specialty coffee if you don’t have good coffee in the first place. It makes sense, then, that TIBS (which also won Best Coffee honours) takes the gold here. “Basically, we’re looking at really clean practices that will give us really clean coffee,” says Two If By Sea and Anchored Coffee co-owner Zane Kelsall. Mochas, cappuccinos and Americanos are just a few of the drinks TIBS has on offer, plus Zane’s Macchiato Special is something unique to the cafe. Pumpkin spice latte who? Coast readers tell us TIBS has everything they need.

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