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Best Seafood

John's Lunch

Gold Winner John's Lunch

Silver Winner The Five Fishermen Restaurant & Grill

Bronze Winner McKelvie's

There’s no one who knows their way around a deep-fryer like the folks grinding it out over at mythical Dartmouth diner John’s Lunch. We could talk about the fish itself—how fresh it is, where it’s coming from and why it tastes so darn good all battered up and soaked in vinegar—but would it really make a difference, hungry readers? Probably not. That’s because John’s Lunch is a capital-E Experience. A tiny time machine that’ll take you back to 1969, when the eatery first opened, just for a quick and greasy lunch. Yeah, the haddock, clams and scallops have been hailed the best, not just by our voters but by the Huffington Post, Canadian Living, Much Music and a bazillion folks on Trip Advisor. But we’re willing to be it wouldn’t taste quite as good served anywhere else.

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