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Best of Halifax

Best Sandwich

The Canteen

Best Sandwich

Gold Winner The Canteen

Silver Winner Pete's Fine Foods, Halifax

Bronze Winner The Italian Market

The Canteen’s original iteration above Two If By Sea was all about the sandwich. And its sandwiches—the crobster roll, the hangover, the turkey club—were a thing of beauty, hence why it this year marks its third gold win in this category. But when the next-level Canteen (AKA your Best New Restaurant) opened, regulars were missing the quick, take-out side of the eatery’s personality. So The Little C—a place for take-out, patio seating and Canteen overflow— was born next door. “It was literally the people that pushed for it,” says chef and co-owner Renée Lavallée. That right there’s the power of a good sandwich.

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