Best Place To Watch The Game 2017 | HFX Sports Bar & Grill | Food + Drink

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Best Place To Watch The Game

HFX Sports Bar & Grill

Gold Winner HFX Sports Bar & Grill

Silver Winner Bubba Ray's Sports Bar Too

Bronze Winner Niche Lounge

The Best Place To Watch The Game is the best place to watch the game. That doesn’t mean some dusty flatscreen at the end of the bar that’s tilted towards the wall and muted so as not to drown out beamed-in satellite dance mix and sorrowful conversation from the barfly regulars. Nah, man. A sports bar is about in-your-face action, and HFX Sports Bar & Grill is once again the champion thanks to its 100 televisions broadcasting every play, shot and fumble to all the eyeballs in the room. 

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