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Best Milkshake

Darrell's Restaurant

Best Milkshake
Samson Learn

Gold Winner Darrell's Restaurant

Silver Winner The Chickenburger

Bronze Winner Ardmore Tea Room

Darrell’s milkshake brings all the gold to the yard, and it’s easy to see why. They’re great with a burger, but since they’re so thick the straw stands up in the glass, they’re basically a meal on their own. That’s acceptable, right? They have calcium, and the strawberry one has fruit. Right? Guys, right…? Anyway, readers agree these things are irresistible and they come in 10 wonderful (and sometimes weird) flavours: Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cranberry, chocolate-peanut butter, vanilla-peanut butter, creamsicle, chai, peppermint and Oreo. Makes sense why Darrell’s has struck gold nine years in a row.

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