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Best of Halifax

Best Butcher Shop

Getaway Farm, Seaport Farmers' Market

Gold Winner Gateway Meat Market

Silver Winner Getaway Farm Butcher Shop, Seaport Farmers' Market

Bronze Winner Getaway Farm Butcher Shop, Hydrostone

This spring, Gateway Meat Market will celebrate 10 years in the butchering biz, and it’s been on a BOH winning streak for two years now. “We have certainly come a long way over 10 years–from a small 1,700 square foot store with only one employee (other than my spouse, Jamey Selig, and I) to a 10,000 square foot building with over 40 staff,” co-owner Tamara McKay shares via email. Some things, however, have not changed. “We still support local farmers and negotiate heavily with our suppliers to bring great deals to the city, and being one of the busiest meat departments in Atlantic Canada gives us tremendous power to buy in bulk.”

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