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Best of Halifax

Best Theatre Actor

Gold Winner Rhys Bevan-John

Silver Winner Stephanie MacDonald

Bronze Winner Stewart Legere

Rhys Bevan-John is quite blown away by his third win in this category, mostly because he’s been on stage a lot less this year as he studies somatic coaching—holistic body work—in California. But he did take over Jeremy Webb’s annual solo show A Christmas Carol, and says it’s affected him as much as it clearly did you. “By doing the work to try and play that role honestly, it then kind of turned around and asked me, ‘Well, who are you? What are your priorities in your life? What will be the sum culmination of your life be?’” he says. He’ll pull on the fingerless gloves again for a run starting November 28 on Neptune’s studio stage. “I feel humbled, thank you so much to everyone who goes to see theatre,” he says. “In our days of Netflix and movie streaming, theatre is all at once more in danger and more powerful. And I feel very lucky to live in Halifax with people who care about the things that theatre can create.”

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