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Best Women’s Clothing Store

Sweet Pea Boutique

Best Women’s Clothing Store
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Gold Winner Sweet Pea Boutique

Silver Winner Biscuit General Store

Bronze Winner Alexa Pope

Celebrations are in order for Sweet Pea—the business reaches its first major milestone in May. Johanna Galipeau opened the boutique nearly 10 years ago, an ambitious endeavour for her at the age of 19. This landmark is a chance to look back and Galipeau has seen some changes over her decade of business ownership. For instance, she says the Central Library’s construction was a brutal time for the boutique (located around the corner), but now the foot traffic in the area is exploding. Sweet Pea’s owner welcomes downtown development, grateful for anything that “gets people out of the malls.” In other news, she just opened an online boutique, giving loyal customers who might have left Halifax a chance to keep shopping.

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