Best Sporting Goods Store 2016 | Mountain Equipment Co-op | Shopping + Services

Best of Halifax

Best Sporting Goods Store

Mountain Equipment Co-op

Gold Winner MEC

Silver Winner Cleve’s Source for Sports, Park Lane Mall

Bronze Winner Sport Chek, Halifax Shopping Centre

When the zombie apocalypse hits, here’s hoping you’re head-to-toe in MEC gear. Those people always look so prepared, ready to tell the elements—all of ’em—to go suck a lemon. The two-storey outdoor clothing and gear shop isn’t just a solid shopping destination, it’s an inspiring spot for trip planning for any season. Camping, kayaking, backpacking, hiking, skiing, running, whichever direction you’re taking your adventurous self, it can be made simple thanks to the experts at this Canadian chain. And if those zombies do come knocking, you better bet your Smart Wool and Gore-Tex suit of armour will come in handy.

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