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Best Dog Groomer
Meghan Tansey Whitton
A jolly Jollytails customer

Gold Winner Jollytails Inc.

Silver Winner Oodles of Poodles

Bronze Winner All 4 Paws Pet Services

The world of dog grooming is a lot like the world of human grooming. The best spots are booked three weeks in advance, getting nails done is often part of the service and it’s especially busy around the holidays. “Christmastime is nutso. Bananas,” says Tristan Flynn, who co-owns Jollytails with Pamela Smith. “People don’t want their family coming over and the dog is looking like a piece of crap.” That said, whereas human grooming can be a luxury, grooming a dog is a necessity. Flynn has seen dogs come in absolutely miserable, with horribly matted fur or nails so long it’s hard to walk. But after a few hours with Angela Quirk or Danielle Richards, Jollytails’ superstar groomers, that dog is a new person.

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