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Best Drag Performer

Best Drag Performer
Stoo Metz

Gold Winner Rouge Fatale

Silver Winner Elle Noir

Bronze Winner Eurkea Love

“I can sleep when I’m dead,” says Jason Rose-Spurrell, AKA Rouge Fatale, of how the last year’s been. With the ever-growing Glamazon Army (#squadgoals) taking the drag show on the road all across the country, plus Rouge’s regular Screaming Queen Karaoke at Menz (first Wednesday of the month), the fun rarely stops for the nine-time Best Drag Performer winner. “The Glamazon Army is being noted right across Canada now, we’re extremely proud of that. Parts of the troupe have done five different Prides this year,” says Rose-Spurrell, who’s especially excited about its first appearance in the territories. “It’s important to reach those communities, because what if there’s someone up there thinking about things? Or wanted to do it, but is being pushed back? Bringing us up there shows there’s a place and there are people around.”

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