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Best of Halifax

Best Social Media Presence By An Artist / Band

Gold Winner Like A Motorcycle

Silver Winner Town Heroes

Bronze Winner Neon Dreams

The wild children of Like A Motorcycle recently were running amok in Europe on tour, and it sounds like the most fun thing on this earth. “We shouldn’t be left unsupervised in a country where you can openly drink in the streets. We stayed in the red light district in Hamburg and couldn’t get over how hot all the cops were. Turns out they were strippers,” says guitarist Jillian Comeau. “Too much freedom. Not enough brain cells.” But Like A Motorcycle seems plenty smart to us, engaging and funny posts on its social media has also won the band gold in your hearts for Best Social Media Presence By A Band. Comeau credits this down to going easy on the thirst for audience members and more about having fun. “We post a lot of random content—shit we think is funny, music we like, stuff we are taking the piss out of—just generally using social media to entertain people instead of serving as a constant advertisement for ourselves.” With a brand-new album, High Hopes, and an upcoming Halifax release show November 26 at Gus’ Pub, lucky fans will be able to share their love in person. Don’t miss out.  

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