Best Karaoke Night 2016 | Music

Best of Halifax

Best Karaoke Night

Gold Winner Laurie the Guy at The Lion’s Head

Silver Winner The Mimi Show at Bearly’s House of Blues & Ribs

Bronze Winner Dave Smith at Oasis

“Just call me Laurie The Lucky Guy,” says Laurie Goulden upon hearing the news that he’s been crowned the city’s best karaoke host yet again. You’ll find Goulden, his costumes, props and killer pre-song segues at bars like Monte’s and Staggers, but its Friday nights at the Lion’s Head that win the hearts and vocal chords of Halifax. Though he claims he’s been crankier than usual this year, after spending seven months converting his thousands upon thousands of CDs to digital, we find it hard to believe. And so do voters, apparently. “Good people have found me, and they are the reason l do so well. l would be honoured and lucky to call them fans,” says Goulden. “To say thank you would never be enough.”

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