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Best Pasta

Ristorante a Mano

Gold Winner Ristorante a Mano

Silver Winner The Vines

Bronze Winner La Frasca Cibi + Vini

Nothing compares to scarfing down a bowl of tortellini by candlelight. At Ristorante a Mano, manager Melanie Kronbauer says, “Most people come here for the food and then realize that there’s a great ambience as well.” Speaking of food, everything is made by hand. “You can physically watch them twirl the pizza dough in the air,” says Kronbauer. “It just has that comforting feel to it with the ingredients being so fresh.” A few of those staple Italian flavours include tomatoes, garlic, and chili oil. “All those really trigger emotions—those ingredients,” she adds. We’ll take it. Pass the parmigiano and a bottle of vino.

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Police reports say it probably wasn’t a local who laced the clam chowder with PCP on the set of Titanic. Whodunit?