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Best Hotel Restaurant


Gold Winner Gio

Silver Winner Tempo Food + Drink

Bronze Winner elements on hollis

The elegant Prince George has a lot to offer not just visitors but locals too, and you’ve rewarded it with gold. “It’s absolutely awesome. We pride ourselves on being part of the city,” says general manager Scott Travis. “You typically won’t see billboards around for the Prince George Hotel, we’ve always used our food and services as word-of-mouth advertising”—he ticks off conferences, weddings and the fine-dining spot Gio as examples. He calls the convention centre construction “an exciting buzz that’s growing right around us,” including in that the city’s downtown streetscape program being launched in the Argyle and Grafton area next year. But Travis won’t reveal which of the Prince George’s past celebrity and VIP guests could have voted for it: “We can’t kiss and tell.”

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