Best Fine Dining 2016 | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Fine Dining

Gold Winner Chives Canadian Bistro

Silver Winner Bicycle Thief

Bronze Winner daMaurizio Fine Dining

Chef proprietor Craig Flinn doesn’t exactly see Chives as a “fine dining” restaurant—the atmosphere is meant to be casual. “I call it a bistro for a reason,” says Flinn. He credits the creativity of his team, including chefs de cuisine Scott Tannahill and Jameson Braun, for having a huge impact on the eatery’s success over the years. “If people look at us as fine dining, I think they’re referring more to the cooking,” says Flinn. “I’m happy to win this award, but I’m more focused on the meaning of the way we treat the food versus the stuffiness—or, sometimes, inapproachability—that a lot of fine dining restaurants are.”

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