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Best of Halifax

Best Chinese Restaurant

Gold Winner and Hall of Fame inductee The Great Wall

Silver Winner Jean’s Chinese

Bronze Winner Fan’s Chinese Restaurant

Editor's note: With its latest Best Chinese win in 2016, Great Wall was elevated to the Best of Halifax Hall of Fame.

Why have Haligonians voted Great Wall the Best Chinese in the city for nearly two decades? “Have you tried our food? It’s very good,” says Patrick Wong, matter-of-factly. And fair enough, this sweet 16th (!!) consecutive win sees Great Wall ushered off to the Best of Halifax Hall of Fame (for the second time, the first was for Dim Sum), and its very proud owner credits the restaurant’s success to a a combo platter of reasons. “We are very fortunate to have our staff, from the front to the back. Me and my wife are always here, and try to take care of our customers directly,” says Wong. “We watch our product’s consistency. We always believe ingredients are a very important part of your food. And the customers can tell.”

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