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Best Brew Pub

Good Robot Brewing Company

Best Brew Pub
Dylan Chew

Gold Winner Good Robot Brewing Company

Silver Winner Gahan House

Bronze Winner Rockbottom Brew Pub

“We wanted to be a place like Tom’s Little Havana, which has this weird reverence, a warmth that was hard to put into words—but you felt it,” says one-third of the Good Robot co-owner/best-bud triad, Josh Counsil. With that, not-so-distant memories of planning theme parties in college and lots of wacky ideas for the taproom—from silent reading, to stand up comedy to speed friending—the north end brewery aims to keep people as entertained as they are hydrated. “We’ll never win brewery of the year from a brewery publication,” says Counsil. “People drink beer because they want to have a good time—most people—not because they want to obsess over every detail that goes into the beer.”

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