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Best of Halifax

Best Male Theatre Actor

Gold Winner Rhys Bevan-John

Silver Winner Stewart Legere

Bronze Winner Jeremy Webb

Rhys Bevan-John has had a jam-packed year, as usual, calling on his day off from Stones in His Pockets, on at Neptune until November 6. His roles have included Daniel MacIvor’s Here Lies Henry at Chester Playhouse, his children’s show Happy Hobo in Moon Land at Stages, and as Andy Warhol is Bruce McDonald’s film Weirdos. “Thank you thank you thank you for going to see live theatre, whether or not I am in it,” he says. “All art forms need an audience but really live theatre, the audience is like the canvas that we can actually work with. Without the audience we can’t do it. I think there’s something that some people are looking for when they go see live theatre, and I will continue to be diligent in my life to try and be able to deliver that thing.”

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