Best Male Film / TV Actor 2016 | Arts + Culture

Best of Halifax

Best Male Film / TV Actor

Gold Winner Jonathan Torrens

Silver Winner John Dunsworth

Bronze Winner Taylor Olson

“NO WAY?? I’ve never received this honour before. I’m absolutely delighted,” writes Jonathan Torrens, who’s been on TV as long as this newspaper has existed. This year has seen him pulling regular duty on Mr. D and in Trailer Park Boys. “This trying two-year period has proven that those of us who work #nsfilmjobs are not just a film industry, we’re a community,” he says. “I’m so proud to do a job I love, in the place I love, with people I love. I moved back here from California as a lifestyle choice and work has flourished ever since. Moments like this just reinforce that when you make decisions for the right reasons, the rest tends to fall into place. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!”

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