Best Filmmaker 2016 | Arts + Culture

Best of Halifax

Best Filmmaker

Gold Winner Caley MacLennan

Silver Winner Brad Sayeau

Bronze Winner Stephanie Young

MacLennan and his debut feature Noon Gun swept all the film categories last year, so he’s surprised to find himself winning gold again, especially in a post-tax credit world. “Local filmmakers have been hurt the most,” he says. “We were always feeding off the scraps of the film industry, borrowing people for $100 a day on the weekends. Last year everybody moved away, and this year the industry bounced back, but it means there’s nobody to do the music videos and shorts.” The still-here MacLennan’s working with Arcadia Entertainment, focusing on writing and encouraging you to rent Noon Gun, which just became available on iTunes. “I wish I could say this shit doesn’t mean anything to me, but it actually does,” he says. “When you win an award like this it helps, and provides the inspiration to carry on into the next thing.”

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