Best Second-hand Clothing Store 2015 | Elsie's Used Clothing | Shopping + Services

Best of Halifax

Best Second-hand Clothing Store

Elsie's Used Clothing

Gold Winner Elsie’s Used Clothing

Silver Winner Crimson Clover Consignment

Bronze Winner Makenew Curated Thrift Shop

After a year out of the rankings, Elsie’s has come roaring back into your closet from the sidewalks of Queen Street’s Vintage Row to take the top spot. “Two thousand fifteen has been a year of changes, discovery and as usual lots of ironing!” says owner Maureen Elsie Court. “I opened a second store in 2014 and found myself away from Elsie’s too much. That year made me appreciate the space at Elsie’s and the great energy of its customers. I was so happy to be back and was determined to make it better than ever! I feel very honoured to be trusted with the treasures that come through my door—often with sentimental attachments, and wonderful stories—and then to help them find new life is very thrilling for me.”

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