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Best of Halifax

Best Fitness Instructor

Evolve Fitness

Gold Winner Cara Bauld, 3rd Degree Training

Silver Winner Alan Dalton, Evolve Fitness

Bronze Winner Peter Courtney, 360fit

Best Fitness Instructor
Cara Bauld

“After falling head over heels in love with 3rd Degree Training as a client in the founding location of Stratford, PEI, I was thrilled to share their unique program and open the first franchise in Burnside in August 2013,” says Cara Bauld. “My goal is to motivate our clients to work their hardest and realize their true potential.” 3rd degree’s eight-week fitness camps adapts to all levels, shapes and sizes. “What our clients might not realize is that they inspire me camp after camp with their determination, dedication and commitment to reaching goals.” 

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