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Best of Halifax

Best Effort To Improve Halifax

Halifax Central Library

Gold Winner Halifax Central Library

Silver Winner Paul Vienneau, Asshole With A Shovel

Bronze Winner Argyle Street pedestrian block

Sure, turning Argyle Street into a pedestrian-friendly, argyle-painted walkway (a little on the nose there, people) was an all-around hit for the theatre/bar crowds. And yes, when the city froze over for months and months in an icy hellscape, asshole Paul Vienneau and his trusty shovel appeared to dig us out and inspire a can-do attitude. No offense to either effort, but for all the things it does, our readers still had to vote library. The roads can be closed to traffic or covered in ice, but it seems like Halifax prefers watching the action with a good book and a warm drink in the downtown’s beating cultural heart.

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