Best Gig Poster Artist 2015 | Music

Best of Halifax

Best Gig Poster Artist

Gold Winner Jupiter M VV

Silver Winner Alex MacAskill AKA Fish Bone Prints

Bronze Winner Corey Isenor

“I guess the universe is trying to tell me something,” says poster artist and silk-screener Jupiter M VV. “KEEP DRAWING POSTERS! I mean, really, how could I stop? There are blank poles all over this town!” The artist has been producing some top-notch work for local musicians and artists from a shared studio with Yo Rodeo and Quarrelsome Yeti, and recently finished a series of shows with the HMC Orchestra, as a musician. “My love goes out to all the music-makers, art-lovers and booty-shakers, I couldn’t do it without you,” Jupiter says. 

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