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Best of Halifax

Best Wine List

Obladee, A Wine Bar

Gold Winner Obladee, A Wine Bar

Silver Winner The Bicycle Thief

Bronze Winner Chives Canadian Bistro

“I guess it just comes down to us really liking good wine and ensuring our list reflects that. We try to have something for everyone at various price points and in various styles,” says Heather Rankin of what makes the drinking options at her bar, Obaldee, so dang great. “The aim is to help people explore and experiment a little with wine to find out what they like—not to pontificate about what we like.” It’s a hard gig, searching the city for wines worth sharing, but somebody has to do it. And Rankin and co. are happy to take one for the team (AKA you). “There’s no point in having a super abstract or esoteric wine on the list that one of us likes but no one else does,” she says. “The staff need to get behind it.”

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