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Best of Halifax

Best Sushi Restaurant

Wasabi House

Gold Winner Wasabi House

Silver Winner Sushi Nami, Dresden Row

Bronze Winner Alex Oh Sushi & Rolls

Best Sushi Restaurant
Best of Halifax 2015, Best Sushi, Wasabi House

Again with the line-up theory, a familiar one with a lot of these Best of winning restaurants. If people are willing to line up, and wait, to eat your food—when it’s freezing cold, sweltering or just a precious Friday night—you are doing something incredibly right. Wasabi House brings out that patient side of diners, making it worth your while to wait for a table to free up for dinner or the glutton’s dream, nightly Happy Hour (9-11pm). Here, the fish is fresh, the service is friendly and there’s always a little something extra on your plate. And these rolls are on a roll, this is Wasabi’s third gold win.

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