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Gold Winner EDNA

Silver Winner The Bicycle Thief

Bronze Winner Brooklyn Warehouse

“As a restaurant owner and operator, I’m in it because this is what I love to do, I love my work. You don’t think of yourself as being the best in any type of way—and you’re not doing it to be the best,” says Jenna Mooers humbly of her restaurant EDNA’s first-time gold honours. After two years, the beautiful Gottingen Street gathering place has earned its stop atop the Halifax dining scene via chef Robert Reynolds’ creative, locally minded dinners, fresh and fun drinks and an brunch people are willing to line up for. “I’m still riding the jane’s [on the common] brunch wave,” she says. “Jane was Halifax’s sweetheart for quite awhile, she held that title and built a huge name for brunch. I would owe a huge portion of that to my mom”—Jane Wright—“and what she built.” But more than dazzling diners with the well-rounded breakfast Sucré-Salé, Mooers says it’s consistency that’s at the heart of what she does. “I’m really really proud of my team. I owe that accolade to the fantastic people I have working with me.”

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