Best Ice Cream / Gelato / Frozen Yogurt 2015 | Dee Dee's Ice Cream | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Ice Cream / Gelato / Frozen Yogurt

Dee Dee's Ice Cream

Gold Winner Dee Dee’s Ice Cream

Silver Winner Humani-T Cafe, north end

Bronze Winner Cherry Berry Self-Serve Yogurt Bar, Quinpool

As the tips of our noses get colder, and the leaves crunch under our feet, we like to hope the folks at Dee Dee’s are taking time to wind down and rest up their biceps from a summer of constant ice cream scooping. But the truth of the matter it’s always ice cream season at this repeat winner, where every bit of cold comfort is made on site, using local, fresh, preservative-free ingredients to create dreamy sorbets and creamy ice creams.

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