Best Food Delivery 2015 | Alexandra's Pizza, Queen Street | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Food Delivery

Alexandra's Pizza, Queen Street

Gold Winner Alexandra’s Pizza, Halifax

Silver Winner Freeman’s Little New York, Quinpool

Bronze Winner Xtreme Pizza

Chris Tsimiklis at the Queen Street Alexandra’s is direct when asked why his eatery won gold in Best Food Delivery this year. “We all drive BMW M3s.” He’s joking, but when it comes to customer satisfaction, Tsimiklis understands the need for speed isn’t always the most important factor. “Sometimes it’s very busy, you can’t get there as quick,” Tsimiklis says. “But I’m always honest with them on the phone.” Accurate delivery estimates are crucial for letting customers determine when they’ll have to answer the door, and thus when they’ll have to put on pants.

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