Best Diner 2015 | The Armview Restaurant & Lounge | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Diner

The Armview Restaurant & Lounge

Gold Winner The Armview

Silver Winner Ardmore Tea House

Bronze Winner Westcliff Restaurant & Convenience

The atmosphere almost rivals the food and drink at this west end, family-run diner with an actual Northwest Arm view. The Armview has been around since the 1950s, but got a makeover—and a perfect kiss of sleek ’60s style—back in 2006. For the past seven years Coast readers have voted this cozy yet fashionable hangout the best diner in town, for its lazy brunches, big-ass burgers, seafood and comfort dishes up the wazoo. The Armview feels like the type of place you’d meet a well-dressed man for a stirred-not-shaken cocktail, but it’s more like the neighbourhood hangout happy to pour you a heaping milkshake.

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