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Best Coffee

Java Blend Coffee Roasters

Gold Winner Java Blend Coffee Roasters

Silver Winner Steve-O-Reno’s Cappuccino

Bronze Winner Just Us!, Spring Garden 

The true test of a pizzeria is its basic pie—sauce and cheese, maybe some basil—without the distractions of elaborate toppings and the restaurant’s ambience. By that measure, a coffee shop’s regular old cup of joe says a lot. For Java Blend, which also won gold-plated Best Specialty Coffee and Best Cafe honours, the gold for basic Best Coffee says, “yeah, this place is legendary.” According to owner Jim Dikaios, Java Blend aims to be both selective, “constantly searching for the nicest coffees out there,” and price-conscious. “We’re pretty good value. That’s helped us.” The combo has converted people who were Tims fans or instant coffee drinkers. Even coffee haters have become Java Blend customers, a phenomenon Dikaios explains as “maybe you’re not a coffee drinker because you’ve never had a good cup.”

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