Best Atmosphere 2015 | Agricola Street Brasserie | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Atmosphere

Agricola Street Brasserie

Gold Winner Agricola Street Brasserie

Silver Winner EDNA

Bronze Winner Tom’s Little Havana

Best Atmosphere
Curtis Rothney
Best of Halifax Best Atmosphere, Agricola Street Brasserie

“The building has such warm bones that it was easy to work with. But atmosphere is more than just the look of a room,” says the Brasserie’s Rachel Knox of her stunner of a restaurant. “It has to do with how one feels when they sit down for the evening. We want a vibe that makes people want to stay, to linger, to enjoy further company with their friends.” She credits top-drawer service and food, ambient lighting, the height of chairs and tables and the volume of the music for helping perfect the mood on Agricola Street. “It is all always at the top of our list when we begin service each evening.”

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