Best Visual Artist 2015 | Arts + Culture

Best of Halifax

Best Visual Artist

Gold Winner Estelle Thomson

Silver Winner Jennifer Atkinson

Bronze Winner Lee Cripps

Thomson has claimed one of the more unusual double-wins in the history of this poll—it’s pretty standard for a musician to win Best Artist and Best Album, say, or a restaurant to win any number of service awards, but Thomson has been named Best Visual Artist and Best Yoga Instructor. It makes more sense than you’d guess—she’s combined her two practices for years. Her paintings are mostly figures in bright acrylics, which you can also purchase in greeting card form. This year marked her first solo show, One Night, and her next, Le Jardin Magique, goes up at the Dart Gallery on November 19. “It would be an incredible understatement to say that I am grateful for both of these awards,” she says. “No words can explain how deeply touching, meaningful and thrilling this tribute really is. Above all, it is an honour!”

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