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Best of Halifax

Best Male Theatre Actor

Gold Winner Stewart Legere

Silver Winner Jeremy Webb

Bronze Winner Rhys Bevan-John

The always-busy Stewart Legere is checking in from the final rehearsals for I Am My Own Wife, the Shakespeare By The Sea production he’s starring in this week. “Halifax likes me best when I’m #anyonebutstewart,” he jokes. This year included a performance in Zuppa Theatre’s hot-ticket Pop-Up Love Party and tours of his one-man show Let’s Not Beat Each Other to Death, which also played Stages. He’s currently in development on the Zuppa shows Tiny and The Library of Missing Things, a queer performance series with his Heartbeat love interest Tanya Davis and a new show of his own. “Imma melt down the award and cap my teeth then forge a ring in the fires of Mordor and marry a vegetarian donair,” he declares. “Fuck traditional marriage.”

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