Best Video 2014 | Music

Best of Halifax

Best Video

Gold Winner “If We're Divine,” Orchid's Curse (directed by Colin MacDonald)

Silver Winner “Mambo 666,” Billie Dre & The Poor Boys (directed by Pawn Media)

Bronze Winner “Pound Cake,” Jay Mayne (directed by Tyler Ross)

A band with a strong visual presence is a joy forever. Separating the wheat from the chaff, an interesting aesthetic provides valuable information about your band as well as being cool as heck. Orchid’s Curse knows this all too well, taking gold on both the best video and best merch categories. “Colin MacDonald (Foster Avenue Productions) deserves full credit on the “If We’re Divine” video. His vision and interpretation of the song led to creating a video which was both dark and uplifting (which tied in great lyrically),” writes Josh Hogan. “Extra thanks to our actors Chester Long and Ethan Frank too!” Orchid’s Curse takes merch, an important form of revenue, just as seriously---everything from pins to baby clothes and “anything and everything else we thought our fans would enjoy” will tide ’em over until the next recording.

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