Best Punk Artist / Band 2014 | Music

Best of Halifax

Best Punk Artist / Band

Gold Winner Outtacontroller

Silver Winner The Scoop Outs

Bronze Winner Like A Motorcycle

Quintessential Ramones fans Outtacontroller don’t hold back on the A-stances and high jumps. It makes sense, because if you’re banging out super fast minute-long punk gems, you’d better have energy to spare. Outtacontroller don’t skimp on that. “We think energy makes any kind of band great,” says James O’Toole. Outtacontroller’s second long player, Television Zombie, is well on the way to your ears, providing beer drinking and house cleaning music with the best of them (at the same time maybe? We won’t judge). Canada can bring its bowl cuts to see Halifax’s punkiest on their eastern Canadian tour this June, including a slot at the Ottawa Explosion.

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