Best Online Presence By An Artist / Band 2014 | Music

Best of Halifax

Best Online Presence By An Artist / Band

Gold Winner The Town Heroes

Silver Winner Ben Caplan

Bronze Winner Last Kick

Um, The Town Heroes are hilarious. See for yourself: “We both attended very progressive schools in Cape Breton, where, along with being taught life applicable skills such as the rubber boot toss and smelt jigging, we were thoroughly educated in all areas of social media. This was in the early days of the internet, when, as usual, Cape Breton was ahead of the times and leading the way in various information technologies. In 1875 when Alexander Graham Bell put those final pieces together and invented the telephone in Baddeck, every future Cape Bretoner was instilled with a strong sense of ‘communication’ in their blood,” says Mike Ryan. “Historically, the internet runs thick in our blood. We’re just trying to hold true to our past and pay tribute to a great man.”

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