Best Karaoke Night 2014 | Music

Best of Halifax

Best Karaoke Night

Gold Winner Lion’s Head, Saturdays with 
Laurie the Guy

Silver Winner Bearly’s, 
Wednesdays with Mimi

Bronze Winner Oasis, Thursdays

Laurie the Guy has been facilitating your drunken crooning for 23 years, for that alone he deserves a truck full of medals. But believe it or not, this guy absolutely loves it. “It’s given me a chance to raise money for charities like cancer research through Karaoke Cures, and my yearly head shaving,” says Laurie Goulden. “Every night I get to hang out with some amazing friends, and get to tell bad jokes, wear my pjs and a fanny pack, go surfing every day and eat a bunch of cookies, I’m living the dream.” It’s all for you, boo. “I owe it all to the good people that come out to my shows. I can not thank you all enough.”

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