Best Album 2014 | Music

Best of Halifax

Best Album

Gold Winner Heavy Blinkers, Health

Silver Winner Billie Dre & The Poor Boys, Garlic Fingers

Bronze WinnerOrchid's Curse, Words

Heavy Blinkers’ Jason MacIsaac knew something good was happening on Health when David Christensen started conducting the string quartet. “If I breathed at all during those sessions, it was only long enough for me to say: ‘I can’t breathe,’” he says. “Dave’s strings wove together a beautiful musical narrative from song to song that just floored me.” MacIsaac was “gobsmacked” to hear that the HBs had won this coveted category (“This is like Ziggy having more papers in his outbox than his inbox!”), but it’s not shocking at all by our count. We anxiously await future Blinkers projects. “Writing for the follow-up to Health has begun. It’s either going to be an R&B, ’60s girl group-inspired record or an opera about the bottle city of Kandor from Superman comics.” Whispers of a Zuppa Theatre/Blinkers show and an ECMA nomination for keep the good news flowing.

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