Best Thai Restaurant 2014 | Cha Baa Thai Restaurant, downtown | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Thai Restaurant

Cha Baa Thai Restaurant, downtown

Scott Blackburn
Gold winner, Cha Baa Thai Restaurant.

Gold Winner Cha Baa Thai Restaurant, Halifax

Silver Winner Talay Thai Halifax

Bronze Winner Gingergrass

If you want to taste Thailand in Nova Scotia, Cha Baa Thai is always a safe bet. With vibrant atmosphere that’s reflective of the great land, and food that is even more authentic, you get the whole shebang in one sitting. But the true winner here is flavour— there’s so much of it. Alongside Best Thai, the restaurant placed gold for Best Lunch Specials, which means you can safely eat (inhale) your Pad Thai, cashew chicken or crispy spring rolls alongside tri-coloured curries and your taste buds tingling and satisfied and your wallet happy, too.

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