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Best Pizza Pie

Salvatore's Pizzaiolo Trattoria

Gold Winner Salvatore’s Pizzaiolo Trattoria

Silver Winner Mother’s Pizza

Bronze Winner Morris East, Halifax

Kneading, topping and signature saucing your ’za, it’s safe to say Salvatore’s knows how you like your pie. The trattoria snags the title again this year, with a pizza it’s proud to call all its own. “We’re purists,” says owner Chris Cuddihy. “Our pizza always comes first and everything else has always fallen into place.” Tucked away in the trendy Hydrostone Market, Salvatore’s shares a slice with a new face and neighbour, Mother’s Pizza (which takes silver honours), and couldn’t be more excited about it. “With more options out there, people become aware and appreciate what makes a pizza good,” says Cuddihy. In his mind, the more, the merrier and same goes for their new extended space. Taking place of Little Europe (RIP), the folks are crafting more dining and kitchen space, oh, and a bitchin’ dessert kitchen. So, you can enjoy those saucy and sweet pies in bigger, better quantities.

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