Best New Restaurant 2014 | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best New Restaurant

Gold Winner 2 Doors Down Food + Wine

Silver Winner EDNA

Bronze Winner Agricola Street Brasserie

It’s been nothing short of a banner year for new restaurants in the city, and these three winners are evidence of that. “We have amazing competition,” says Andrew Farrell, chef at 2 Doors Down. “It’s been awesome to see the city change its flavour.” After a year of what he calls finding their feet (we call it rousing success), Chives’ little sis is still evolving the non-pretentious, accessible and delicious offerings. Recently, it’s added lunch to the mix, meaning more 2 Doors Down to love. “What I love about working with the market, and at 2 Doors, is that we can talk to a guy and be like ‘I need 48 weeks worth of kale,’” says Farrell of his relationship with Ted Hutten, and many other local growers and producers that shine on the menu. He sends thanks to Craig, Darren and George of Chives (“for trusting me to run this kitchen”), his mom (“for the recipes”) and big props to the silver and bronze winners. “This is what the city needs—chefs that are passionate about local food and quality ingredients. The top three showcase a similar focus. And it’s a sign of things to come.”

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